How To Find a Good Tiler?

Finding a good tiler is an important step no matter if its floor tiles or wall tiles you’re looking to lay. Tiles can be expensive as can your tilers time, finding the right person for your job can sometimes feel like a needle in a haystack. 

Like most trades, tilling can look easy and many handmen and DIY’ers will give tiling a try. Some simple jobs can be completed easily, but to get a clean, professional looking finish, you need to find a tradesperson with the right level of experience, care and the right tools. 

Why Use a Professional Tiler? 

A professional tiller can save you time and money in the long run. It’s especially important to use a professional if you are considering using expensive natural stone tilers. 

Is There a Trusted Tile Trade Body?

The Tile Trade Assosiation (TTA) was formed in 2000 to bring together qualified professionals and to help manage quality. 

Sadly, to date there are only 1000 members which greatly reduces the chances of a member being local to you. 

There are other tile associations in the UK all of which will can help you to find an experienced tiler, but remember, just because a business is part of a tile association, it does not mean all of their employees are held to the standards.  

Ask Friends & Family

Often, the best way to find a trusted contractor is to start with people you trust. Using friends and family has the added advantage of finding out what they paid for their job and also the ability to see the previous work. 

It’s a good idea to ask your friends and family some direct questions to ensure your new tiller is going to be the good tiler you desire. Here are a few questions we suggested getting you started:

  1. Did your tiler turn up on time?
  2. Did they complete the job within the specified amount of time?
  3. Was their job completed for a fixed price or did the tiler work on an hourly rate?
  4. Were the materials included in the quote?
  5. Was there any unforeseen costs?
  6. Did they dispose of all of the waste and clean up afterwards?
  7. Was the floor and wall preparation work included within the cost?
  8. Were any extra charges added for consumables (like cutting blades and mastic)?
  9. Has there been any issues with the work since it was completed?
  10. Would they recommend this tradesperson to you?

It’s also important to remember that just because a tiler completed one job well, it does not mean they can do everything. The answers to the above questions should give you a great starting point to figure out what you’ll then need to ask your prospective contractor. 

Check Google Reviews?

When researching the construction industry, Google is your friend. In minutes, you can find detailed reviews and photos from happy and unhappy customers. The good thing about Google is that anyone can leave a review. While that may sound obvious, other services like CheckaTrade have come under scrutiny in the past, where some contractors choose to only ask for reviews from select jobs that have clearly gone well. 

Sadly, some tradesmen choose to employ services to accumulate fake reviews. The good news is these are often easy to spot. Take a moment to look at the details of the person that left the review. Do they live local to the tradesperson? Is this the only review they have left on Google? Is the review overly similar to other reviews? Have a lot of reviews all been left within a short space of time? 

One of these clues on their own is not conclusive evidence of foul play, but if your gut is telling you something is up, then it is probably time to continue your search. 


My Builder has built a huge database of tradespeople. It’s effectively a ,modern yellow pages. However, to list a skill on MyBuilder, you need to pass a short test. These tests help to ensure that only those that are knowledgeable in tile installation are going to be listed. 

While we applaud this quality measure from MyBuilder, the tests are short and can easily be cheated on. This makes MyBuilder a good place to start but you’ll still want to be cautious before giving any local tiler the go ahead. 

Try Before You Buy

Some people prefer a fixed cost rather than paying for tiling service by the hour. While a fixed price can give you peace of mind over soaring costs, you are also making a big commitment to your new contractor. 

Often, it’s possible to break your job down into smaller jobs. You can then use one of these smaller tiling jobs to test out your new trades person. 

For instance, instead of pricing up your whole bathroom, why not start with a few wall tiles behind the sink? Or maybe a bit of grout work in the shower before letting your tiler loose on large floor tiles. 

You could choose to just contract your tiler for a few hours and pay an hour rate until you’re happy trusting their work. 


Take your time when choosing your tiling professional. Make sure you do your research and do not be afraid to try your tiler on a small job before you commit to something larger. 

If you’ve read this far, you probably need some tile work doing. Why not contact us for a free quote. We’re also happy to talk through any ideas or concerns you may have. 

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